Hugs is always welcome

Everything is a kitten's business and you must submit to his will until he is satisfied, bored or distracted.

It turns out that not only am I broke, but I am incredibly smart.  With Christmas coming up, I thought I would make my Mum a photobook of her grandchildren as she doesn’t get to see them often as we live interstate.  I made the props and gathered the children and set to work.  Hugs did not agree with my insistent comments that he was not a grandchild and thought he should be in on the act.  See, the title of the post wasn’t a grammatical error, so you can mentally apologise for mentally chastising me.

The kitten’s name is Hugs.  Well, I Need A Hug to be exact, and exact is what I’m all about.  That and obsessively watching Dr Who and Harry Potter.  We have three cats and the deal is that if my husband gets to have cats, I get to name them.  The first one I named “The End Is Nigh” because I wanted to sound like a crazy religious nutter when I called him out in the street, the second one I called “Eat More Bananas”, because it seemed like best advice I could give when announcing the end of all humanity.  And then came our little, white ball of fluff and he was named “I Need A Hug”.  Now when I call the cats at night I sound right and proper crazy.

“The End Is Nigh, Eat More Bananas!…… I Need A Hug….”

"Surely you wouldn't consider having a family album without me..."

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